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AH-64 Apache - Part One

by Rodney Williams


AH-64 Apache
Monogram's Instructions


 available online from Squadron.com




The phone rang, so I answered it.

Frank was calling, and wanted to know if I would be interested in building him a 1/48 scale AH-64 Apache Attack Chopper. I had recently finished a couple of 1/32 scale helicopters for another client so I said yes.

It's been over a decade since I built this model, so I really can't go into much detail as to how I hand crafted all of the parts. "You just have to let the photos tell the story."




Thjs model started out life as the Monogram 1/48 scale AH-64 Apache.

I began working on the two engines, and made several revisions. I don't recall who made the photo etched screens, but they were steel instead of brass.


These photos show the revised additions to several areas on the aft section of the fuselage. I have forgotten what the little white box is, which I built and attached to the "aft" left side of the fuselage. The screen material which I used on this model seems very large in these photos. However, this is due to my extreme 35mm close up shots.


This photo shows all the extra parts I made for the tail rotor.


In these close ups, you will note that I re-scribed all the panel lines. All of the raised rivets were sanded off, and were replaced, using my fine sharp pointed needle in a little pin vise. I used brass for all of the hand and foot holds.


To take a look at my tools, please go to the Large Scale Planes web site, click on "Tips & Techniques," then look for "My Tools."

Part Two will show the main rotor, and several other interesting items.


Additional Images


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Last Updated 25 March, 2004

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