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by Andrew Judson


Ambushed! Diorama


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Believe it or not, this is my first fully-fledged diorama.

It was a rocky road to completion, but the end result is quite pleasing.



The first stage was the base and the building. The base is a corkboard with a timber frame deisgned for pinning up notices. I glued the building to the base, then poured plaster for the groundwork. The destroyed timberwork was added next using balsa wood and fine timber. The timber grain was accentuated by dragging a fine-tooth razor saw accross the balsa wood, then stained with a dark brown wash followed by dry brushing in a lighter tone.

The rubble was a compilation of Firestorm and a real house brick pulverized with a hammer.



Once the building and the ground work were completed, the kits and figures were added. At that stage even more rubble was sprinkled around so that the kits, figures and basework were blended together.

Finally, I placed loose scattered items (eg boxes, spent shell cases and ammunition) in the appropriate places to complete the diorama.

Who knows, maybe I will start another!


Photographer's Note:

I recently bought a Photoshop Plugin called "Old Movie". This is a filter which permits simple and flexible "aging" of colour images.

I applied the Old Movie filter to a few of my photos of Andrew's diorama. Interesting effect!




Additional Images


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Text and Model Copyright 2003 by Andrew Judson
Images Copyright 2003 by Brett Green
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Last Updated 25 March, 2004

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