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EC-135 Variants

Ted Taylor


text by Alan Griffith

Amtech's 1/72 scale EC-135 ARIA/ALOTS is available online from Squadron




The 1/48 scale P-40F/L Merlin long-tail, 1/72 EC-135 ARIA/ALOTS and 1/72 Ju-88S-3/T-3 kits have been shipped to all U.S. distributors, and are in the process of being shipped to AMtech distributors around the world.

New photos of some of the variants and/or markings schemes have been added to AMtech's website for those interested in seeing more photos of these models. More will be added shortly.

The EC-135 models and pictures on this page are from our old friend and wonderful modeler, Ted Taylor in UK. If you haven't visited Ted's websites, you owe yourself a stop.


C-135B Tf-33-powered version

Aircraft markings on starboard side are for the purpose of calibrating the ALOTS pod on ALOTS-equipped aircraft during flight tests.




Information and photo provided in the History and Mission Profiles section of the instruction sheets.

This aircraft was a test bird for the ALOTS equipment, based at Holloman AFB. Click the thumbnail above to view another larger image of this model.



Models and Images Copyright 2003 by Ted Taylor
Page Created 03 March, 2003
Last Updated 25 March, 2004

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