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Hot Body I




Glen Phillips


Dynasty's 1/35 scale Hot Body I is available online from Squadron.com




The 1/35 scale Dyansty/Coree Hot Body I - along with two or three others in the series - is sold completely nude.

Not wanting to offend anyone, I opted to cover her lower torso. I decided to put her in a diaper just to be... different. Now that I have your attention, more on that later.

This all resin kit has a separate right leg and arm. After some initial clean-up, assembly, and priming, I took the time to go over the figure from head to toe in strong light to find all of the little nicks and bits of excess resin in what is otherwise a smooth and well fitting casting.

Once the clean-up was finished, it was time to add the diaper and pants. I used Andrea Sculp two-part putty to make the diaper and pants. I used plenty of water to keep my finger wet while mixing the putty to a uniform color, roughed out the shape with a hobby knife blade, and did the final sculpting with a wet paint brush. The waist and leg bands were tooled using a toothpick. This took about 15 minutes. I found Andrea's Painting Girls in Miniature book to be extremely helpful during the sculpting and painting phases.

The figure was airbrushed using Testor's Model Master Skin Tones. Basic shadows and highlights were added with a fine brush and blended with a clean brush dipped in thinner and blotted on a paper towel. Andrea Acrylics were used for final body shading, the hair, face, diaper, rubber pants, and shoes.

I used Humbrol Satin-Cote to impart a sheen to the rubber pants and shoes. Satin-Cote was also used - sparingly - on the high points of her hair.

The Andrea Round Base comes unfinished. I used a paper towel and a wiping stain to stain the base in about two minutes. Once dry, I added a circular piece of pink felt and superlued the figure to the base.

I normally like to paint Medieval figures with the occasional foray into Napoleonics. This was a great change of subject.



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