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Junkers Ju W 34

by Robert Rensch


Junkers Ju W 34


MPM's 1/72 scale Junkers Ju W 34 is available online from Squadron.com




This little critter is my MPM Ju W 34 in all its Spanish Civil War splendor.

I had a ball making this jobbie. I simulated the interior corrugations with individually placed pieces of .013 solder. This kit had a few areas that needed a gun pulled on them to fit even remotely well, such as the exhausts, cowling, and canopy. I made life more difficult by adding a bunch of goodies inside like the clipboard behind the co-pilot's seat, and the little tube down the center of the venturi tube below the pilot's window.

The engine was worked over with .010 guitar string for pushrods, and a few instruments were added to the cockpit walls.

The colors are Floquil RLM 61,62,63,65 and the decals were sourced from the junk in my decal pile. I was a little confused when it came time to attach the canopy assembly, as the area with the little corner windows at the bottom of the windscreen was not formed well at all. I cut them out and used Micro Krystal Klear for those little pieces, and they came out looking better than the Future-dipped main canopy. A triangular Micro-file came in handy for matching the corrugations on the leading edge of the wing as well.

This was not a bad kit at all... Heck, if I can build it, it must be easy! Pretty interesting, too. It managed a second place at last year's Cincy regionals.



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