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Mistel 3B "Fuhrungsmaschine"
Junkers Ju 88H-4 & Fw 190A-8

by Robert Holmes


Mistel 3B "Fuhrungsmaschine"


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The "Fuhrungsmaschine" never flew but was intended as an ultra-long range pathfinder on which the upper Fw 190A-8 component was a fighter escort for launching in an emergency.

The Ju 88H-4 was a stretched JU 88 with additional fuselage plugs forward and aft of the wings. This additional space was used for the extra fuel consumed by both aircraft. The Ju 88H-4 had two unique features: a "Berlin" radar nose and an additional main landing gear strut in the center of the fuselage, which was jettisoned after takeoff.

The "Fuhrungsmaschine's" fighter escort is fitted with a pair of 59.4 Imp. Gal. aerofoil shaped over wing tanks known as "Doppelreiter". The Ju 88H-4 at th end of the war was a new aircraft and this one is almost factory fresh, while Fw 190's were used on a "what ever was available" basis. This Fw 190 is rather "war weary" and has a non-standard field applied comouflaged paint scheme, which were common at the end of the war.

It also has differing shades of RLM 76 between the tail section and the fuselage because these components were manufactured at different locations.

Components Used:

  • DML 1/48 JU-88G-6

  • DML 1/48 Mistel

  • Paragon "Fuhrungsmaschine" convertion kit

  • Fujimi 1/48 Bf 110 (under wing fuel tanks)



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