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Norman Warrior

Andrea Miniatures



Glen Phillips


Andrea Miniatures' 54mm Norman Warrior is available online from Squadron.com




This is Andrea Miniatures' 54mm metal Norman Warrior.

The overall finish and casting were fine and the kit features separate legs, torso, arms, and hands. The right hand is integrally molded with the spear - you must line up the base, legs, torso, right arm, and hand/spear to get everything to fit together at the right angles. Then you must line up the shield and left arm. I used small dots of superglue to tack everything in place. Once cured and aligned, I removed the right hand and spear to avoid damage during painting. I used gap filling superglue to strengthen the remaining bonds and fill the gaps. Pinning wasn't necessary since there's very little stress on the parts.

The figure was painted using Andrea Acrylics built up in a number of fast drying, transluscent layers. The mail is gunmetal with a black wash. Heavier washes were applied in shadowed areas - such as folds, under the sleeves, and armpits - while silver and gunmetal were mixed to paint the highlights. The helmet and spear point are the natural metal color of the kit buffed with a motor-tool. The sword and shield are separate parts and were added after painting.

The kit base depicts a somewhat uneven, rocky terrain. This was painted using various shades of browns, tans, grays, and greens. Crushed oregano was attached using a solution of white glue and water. The oregano 'leaves' were then painted to depict a late summer/early fall ground cover.



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